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Sept, 24th 2012 - Google/Outlook/Mobile Calendar Sync
You can now synchronise your up-coming operations calendar to Google, Outlook, Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Android, or any other calendar system that supports iCalendar Urls. To top things off your Calendar will even convert the operation start and end times to your local timezone.

To synchronise your calendar simply log in, click the 'Operations' menu option and then click the 'Sync with Google/Outlook' button from the toolbar. You will be presented with some simple instructions to follow. Once setup you can enjoy the benefits of your fleet operations appearing on your calendar of choice.

Of course there are other great advantages of using the Fleet-Up operation planner: You can automatically link to the meet-up system and include additional notes. You can specify which doctines and ships to use for the operation. Attendees can see which ships they can actually fly and also find out where and how to buy modules if they need them. Finally there is the option to see who is attending and what they plan on flying.

A RESTful Api has been added to Fleet-Up to support this and any future integration options.