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Nov, 24th 2012 - Version 1.1 Released
Version 1.1 has been released. The new version adds a bunch of new features plus some smaller fixes and improvements.
A reporting area has been added. This allows you to run dashboards to report on ship, weapon, pilot and fleet data. If you're not sure which ship types and weapons your corporation or alliance uses then this should be your first port of call. Visit the reporting area.
Shopping Lists
Shopping lists allow players to add ships, modules, or even entire fittings to a list that can be used personally or shared within your group. All items added to the list are grouped by type and the volume and average price are conveniently displayed along with other quick-links. Shopping lists can be exported for use in emails or other programs. Visit the shopping lists area.
Asset Tracking
An asset tracker has been added. This optional feature allows you to track your in-game assets through The advantage of the asset tracker over the in-game version is that you can view and search items accross all of your characters and accounts. The assets are also grouped by category and fitted ships are displayed in a meaningful format. Visit the assets area.
Additional categories have been added against fittings. These help depict if the ship is armor or shield tanked, what type of weapons it supports, what range it fights at, etc. The categories make searching for fittings or managing doctrines much easier. The categories also feed into the new reporting area.
Fleet Roster
A fleet roster report system has been added. This allows group management to run reports based on pilot attenance and involvement in fleets. Reports can be run monthly by group and also have the option to export the data to CSV for use in other systems. Visit the roster report tool.
If you have an questions, suggestions or problems with the new or existing features please get in contact.