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Dec, 12th 2012 - Skills and Training Time Indicators
One of the features I've wanted to add in since I launched the site was to make more use of the skill and training information that is available. Recently I've had several users contact me asking if it would be possible to show a bit more information regarding what training would be required to fly a fitting and how long it would take.
Fitting List Training Time
A modification has been made to the 'flyable' fitting list such that the amount of time required to train for a particular fitting is displayed. Under the fittings list and doctrine fittings the training time is now displayed just to the right of the 'effectiveness' percentage bar. The estimated training time is only displayed when you select a character from the drop down to highlight which fittings are 'flyable' and refers to the selected character.
Fitting Skills List
To find out exactly which skills to train in order to be able to fly a particular fitting simply click on the fitting to open it and then click on the "Skills" tab. If you cannot see the "Skills" tab it means you have not selected a character to highlight which fittings are 'flyable'. Under the "Skills" tab you will find a complete list of the ship, modules, subsystems, etc combined with a list of required skills and training times.
The skills list is categorised by the familar green, orange, red highlights. Green means you have trained the skill to the minimum required level, orange means you have the skill trained but not to the required level, and red means you do not have the required skill trained at all.
Attributes and Implants
The training time estimations take account of the selected character's attributes. However, the system does not currently take account of implants. I will need to do a little bit more work in order to take account of implants currently plugged into the character's live clone. Apologies for this limitation, however, I believe that the training estimates as they currently work are already an effective tool.
If you have any feedback about this or any other feature please get in contact.