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Jan, 3rd 2013 - Skill Indicator Fixes
When I released the skill and training time indicators just before the new year there was an apparent issue where the skill training prerequisites were not correctly showing. I realised it at the time but was not able to put up a fix until now. The training time estimates and required skill indicators have now been fixed so they correctly show the training time and required skills.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused by the limited data.
What's coming next?...
Next up on the list is an improvement to the "Groups" system. I would like to make it easier to apply and approve member applications automatically via API key matches. The general Group management system will also be improved to make it easier to keep manage members as they join and leave your corp or alliance.
There are some other small features and fixes that I would like to put in. I would like to improve the way fittings are imported to support more methods and also provide a feature that allows old or out-dated fittings to be cleaned up.
If you have any feedback about this or anything else please get in contact.