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April, 5th 2013 - Timers (new) and Operation Changes
The latest version of Fleet-Up has been deployed, which includes some key polishing to the Operations area as well as a whole new feature: POS/structure Timers.
POS/Structure Timers
As well as making improvements to the existing features on Fleet-Up I'm also looking to add some of the new features that have been suggested. This time it's structure timers.
Players that have ever defended or attacked a structure will know that if/when it goes 'reinforced' a timer will pop up in space informing everyone as to when it will 'come out' - i.e when it's time to either come back and kill it or muster a defence force to protect and repair.
Typically the reinforcement timer will be a day or so in the future. It is at this point that people might start getting calculators out, doing sums in their head, or argue on comm's about when the kill/defence op will be. Of course, given that many groups have players in different time zones, this problem is compounded.
To solve this problem, Fleet-Up now supports a structure timer system. A new section has been added called 'Timers'. Under this area you can post information regarding a reinforcement timer such as the system, planet, moon, type, attack/kill op', owner, and of course the days, hours, minutes and seconds on the timer. After you have posted the timer Fleet-Up will automatically show your group members when it is due to end in both EVE time and, more importantly, their local time. You can even synchronise the timer to your personal calendar or smart phone (see below).
Please note: Only users with a 'Group Owner', 'Group Manager' or 'Operations Director' rights can post timers within a group.
Timers on iPhone/Android/Google etc?
Timers can be synced to an external calendar or device through the Operations system. When a timer is posted on Fleet-Up you have the option to specify it as an "Attack" or "Defend" operation. When selecting either of these options, a matching operation will be posted in the Operations area and linked to the timer.
To find out more about how to sync operations with your calendar of choice please log in, visit the Operations area and click the 'Synchronise...' button.
Changes to Operations
The Operations area has also had a bit of an overhaul. The first, and most notable, change is that the whole parent/child concept has been dropped. When the Operations area was first released the "strategic vs tactical" system seemed like a good idea but it's something that I've since realised has over-complicated things.
When creating an operation there is now a single screen to enter the details and then save. All operations are listed in larger, more readable boxes instead of the parent/child structure that appeared previously. In addition to this the user's local time is displayed, making it easy to understand when the operation starts.
Please note that it is still possible to create long-term operations by setting the end date into the far future, so there is no loss of functionality if you use operations to plan deployments. Finally, remember that you can easily integrate Fleet-Up operations into your phone, Google calendar, Outlook, etc!
If you have any feedback at all on these changes please get in contact.