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April, 18th 2013 - Operation Categories
Version 1.1.7 of Fleet-Up has been deployed. In this version you can categorise and highlight operations.
It has come to my attention that some users want to run operations of different types and use a more obvious visual clue than simply using the title. To answer this request operation categories have been added.
Categories can be selected when creating an operation or timer and will appear against the operation view. Categories are also applied to the external calendar integration and will be displayed if your external third party calendar supports category imports.
To manage operation categories visit the operations section, click the 'Manage Categories' option from the toolbar and select the group you would like to manage categories for. Please note that only users with a 'Group Manager' role or above can manage categories. When creating operation categories a name can be entered plus a highlight colour.
If you have any feedback at all on these changes please get in contact. Next up on the development front is to complete and deploy some shopping list improvements.