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Oct, 14th 2013 - Version 1.2 Road Map.
I am pleased to announce the next batch of Fleet-Up features is being baked and should be going live some time in November. Please find details below of what's included.
I've been chipping away at the idea of certificates for a little while now. And CCP's recent dev-blog about in-game certificate improvements has spurred me on to finish the work.
I've always seen corporations and alliances have their own, personal minimum requirements for flying a particular ship class. Being a capital or T3 pilot often comes with it's own set of in-corp rules. However, each corporation is different. A large alliance is might have much looser requirements for their T3 fleet than say a small group that relies on max-skill setups.
The Fleet-Up certificate system will allow you to define your own certificates and either have them stand-alone or attach them to fittings. The advantage will be two-fold. Firstly it will allow pilots to have more specific skill goals for certain ships and secondly it will allow group managers to see who passes the full requirements as opposed to the bear minimum.
I'm hoping to tie all this in with the new CCP certificate system to create a great combination of systems.
A common request over the past year has been to be able to share certain items between groups. Corporations or Alliances that are blue to each other would like to be able to share things like POS timers or doctrines but without having to join each other's group.
GroupShare will be a system that allows group owners to modify permissions to allow members of another group read-only access to Fittings, Doctrines, Operations, and Timers.
All The Small Things
I've been submitted douzens of excellent ideas over the past few months. Some of which have made it into Fleet-Up already under the 1.1.x releases. However, there are are whole bunch of fixes and minor features that have been suggested that are really due a look into the service.
Here's just a few....
  • Improvements to fittings such as ammo, ability to direct-link, more import/export options.
  • Ability to transfer the ownership of a group to another user.
  • More work on the doctrine management area.
  • Various small fixes and improvements all over the system..
Coming November 2013
These enhancements are due to hit Fleet-Up some time in November this year. Please stay tuned for a more precise date as development nears completion. If you would like to discuss a particular feature or make a suggestion please get in contact.