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Jan, 13th 2014 - Version 1.2 Update
An update on version 1.2 is long overdue. I had first planned to release something in November last year but that date has clearly come and gone. My life has remained fairly busy and in addition I found that some of the bulk-data operations were not performing so well. So, I needed to take time out to re-factor things a little before really getting started on some of the new features.
The good news is that over the past few weeks I have been progressing well through the 1.2 features list. I've completed many of the small to medium improvements and bug fixes that have been reported and suggested over the past few months and I've also mostly completed work on the 'Group Share' feature, which allows groups to share information between each other such as operations and timers.
So, when will 1.2 be coming and what will it contain? It should be deployed within the next couple of weeks (read that as early Feb) and will initially not contain the planned 'Certificates' feature. I have taken the decision at this point to release 1.2 with the 'Group Share' feature plus the initial small and medium fix list only. The 'Certificates' feature, which I have started, will remain in development until release later in the 1.2 stream. The main reason for this is that the idea is evolving somewhat in my mind still and I would like to get what I have out of the door and into production.
The minor items add a lot of improvements to existing features, which I'm really looking forward to getting live because many of them are things I use and see regularly myself. Screenshots and a list of items to come.
If you would like to discuss any up-coming features please get in contact.