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Mar, 7th 2014 - Fleet-Up 1.2 Deployment
After several months of development, Fleet-Up version 1.2 is ready for deployment. The planned date for deployment is shown below and there will probably be around 30 minutes of planned service restriction around this time whilst I deploy and test the changes.
Deployment Date: Sunday 9th March @ 06:00 UTC
So, what's coming in Fleet-Up 1.2?
There's quite a few features included in the 1.2 release. All of them build on the existing Fleet-Up applicaton - so there's no major changes to the general operation.
Most of the features are a result of user feedback. Since the release of Fleet-Up I have received many feature requests and ideas and I have tried to include as many of the quick or high-value items as possible. Please find the change-log below.
  • Major Features
    • New - Group Share [beta] - New system to allow groups to share operations and timers with other groups. Available to group owners under the 'Group Sharing' tab on the group detail screen.
  • Other Features
    • New - Group Ownership Transfer - A new option to allow group creator/owners to transfer ownership has been added.
    • New - XML Import - Fittings can now be imported in XML format.
    • New - Fitting Upload - Fittings imported by uploading an XML file containing multiple fittings.
    • New - Operation Organiser - It is now possible to specificy a different user as an 'organiser' when posting an operation.
    • New - Attendee Privacy - A new setting is available against an Operation to control the privacy of the attendee list.
    • New - Ammo & Cargo! - Fitting imports now correctly support ammo and cargo flagged as being in the 'cargo bay'.
    • New - Fitting Link - Fittings now support a direct link, which is visible in the saved fitting window using the 'Direct Link' button.
    • New - Export Options - It is now possible to export a fitting to ShipDNA, XML and EFT format ('Export' tab).
    • New - Operation Calendar View - Operations can now be optionally viewed on a traditional calendar layout by month, week, or day.
    • New - Light Theme Updated - The 'light' theme has been updated to a look less rubbish (hopefully).
    • New - Fitting Price History - A recent price history chart for a fitting is now available under a tab.
    • New - Similar Fittings - A new tab has been added to the fitting view to show fittings of the same type and similar tanking style.
    • New - Fitting Pilot Report - Management-level report has been added to fittings showing the number of 'flyable' pilots etc.
    • New - Character Pilot Report - Group managers can run reports against members of their group to understand how effective they are at flying the group's ships.
    • Doctrine management improvements - Various improvements have been made to the doctrine manager screen.
    • Fitting Module Bars - The fitting window now has group bars for slots and bay that can be collapsed and also show modules fitted.
  • Smaller Changes and Fixes
    • Operations that are accepted or declined have a more subtle highlight.
    • Saving a fitting now returns the saved fitting view instead of a text message dialog.
    • Fixed an issue where the fleet totals were not displaying the correct remote shield / armor totals.
    • It is now possible to add skillbooks to shopping lists under the add-item search.
    • Cleaned up the fittings list hull type and category filters a little.
    • Fixed the EFT export to include the correct fitting name instead of the old imported one.
    • Fixed a problem with character links from the group membership management screen.
    • Fitting item view improved to show icons for module more clearly and collapsible bars.
    • Registration fields are now correctly length-capped in the UI to prevent registration errors.
    • Fixed a problem where default role types were not being correctly applied.
    • Doctrine fittings are now ordered by role type then priority by default. Can be re-ordered using header links.
    • Doctrine ship priority now expressed in stars instead of the level bar to avoid confusion.
    • It is no longer possible to edit, change or make private a shopping list that has been claimed.
    • Claimed shopping lists are now highlighted in orange, completed lists are highlighted in green.
    • Shopping lists cleaned up a bit and made list rows taller for ease of use.
    • Clicking on a table header to sort now displays a visual cue.
    • Assets no longer import noob ships, shuttles, civilian noob weapons and miners, single units of tritanium. Cuts down on the junk in the assets area.
    • 100MN Analog Booster Rockets are now correctly reported as an AB instead of MWD.
    • Some default doctrine roles were not applying - this has been fixed.
    • New SOE ships added to the Drone Boat automatic category.
    • Fitting tab to show doctrines the fitting is used in has been improved and now shows the priority.
    • The estimated fitting price is now visible in the fittings list.
    • The (somewhat un-used) ratio column has been replaced with estimated price in the doctrine fitting list.
    • The fitting 'details' and 'notes' tabs have been combined.
    • Some minor changes to timer and operation list layout and icons.
    • Assets are only synced if user logs in regularly.
Any questions?
If you have any questions or see any problems please get in contact.