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Aug, 11th 2014 - EVE Online SSO
Fleet-Up now officially supports EVE Online's Single Sign On authentication model - SSO for short.
How does it work?
In simple terms, SSO allows you to log in to Fleet-Up using your EVE Online login. When you click to log in to Fleet-Up through EVE Online you will be taken to an authentication page on the CCP / EVE servers where you will log in. CCP then sends a secret token back to Fleet-Up, which is then verified and used to authorise your access to the site.
The system used is commonly referred to as OAuth and is the same system used if you authenticate to a third party site using your Twitter or Facebook login. If you're interested in learning more about how it works please refer to this page on OAuth and the offical CCP page regarding SSO.
When you authenticate through EVE Online for the first time you will be asked whether to create a new Fleet-Up account or link your EVE Online login to your existing Fleet-Up account. Choose according to your needs. You can also link more than one login to your Fleet-Up account if you wish.
Why use Single Sign On?
The single biggest benefit to using SSO to authenticate is that it reduces the number of username/password combinations you need to remember. You'll always be able to log in to Fleet-Up, and other SSO sites, using your EVE Online login without needing to carry around and remember multiple logins for each site.
Do I have to use it?
Nope. The SSO support is entirely optional and also exists along side the Fleet-Up authentication system.
Is it Secret? Is it Safe?
The short answer is; yes. The longer answer is that as with any authentication system, you as users must be mindful of snooping, redirect and phishing attacks. Rather than explain this myself, I must direct you to this fine article written by CCP FoxFour. I recommend reading the article to understand how EVE Online SSO works and how to remain safe whilst using it.
Does Fleet-Up see my EVE Username and Password?
Absolutely not. At no time does Fleet-Up see or handle your EVE Online username and password. In fact, the only information Fleet-Up obtains as part of the process is your EVE Character ID and name - proof of your authentication and identity.
Questions or Problems?
If you have any questions or see any problems please get in contact.
 Posted by Wacktopia on 11th Aug 2014