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Sept, 24th 2014 - Fitting Release Dates and Group API Applications
Fleet-Up version 1.2.9 has been deployed. There are two features of note plus various smaller fixes and improvements. Firstly, it is now possible to filter fittings by the corresponding EVE Online release date that the fitting was last updated. Secondly, an improvement has been made to the settings for group applications made via API keys.
Filter Fittings by Release Date
It is now possible to filter fittings stored on Fleet-Up by the corresponding EVE Online release when the fitting was last updated. Every time a user creates or updates a fitting the corresponding EVE release is also logged against it. This is useful as a record of which EVE release the fitting was created or modified for. The release name is also displayed in the fitting list under the last updated date.
The release date functionality serves two purposes; it tells users which release the fitting was originally created or updated for and also serves as a maintenance and triage tool. For example, if the fittings list is filtered to display fittings older than a particular release only then they can be checked and updated as per the latest release.
To filter fittings by release date click the "Release..." filter at the top of the list and select the corresponding release name from the list. For each release in the list there are three options available to click. Clicking the name of the release will filter fittings for that release only. Clicking the great-than-or-equal sign will filter fittings for that release or later. Clicking the less-than-or-equal sign will filter fittings for that release or older.
Group Applications by API Improvements
One of the early features of Fleet-Up was to make it possible for users to find and join groups based upon API key matches for corporations and alliances. This functionality helps identify members and removes the need to manually approve and boot members from groups. Historically the owner of a group would define which corporations or alliances could join by flagging one or more of their characters as public. Whilst this worked it had the distinct limitation that it was not easy to run multiple groups for different alliances without some crossover of characters.
The updated functionality allows group owners to individually select which corporation or alliances can join via API key approval more specifically at an group level. These options can be selected when creating a group and also by clicking 'edit group' against the group in the list. Please note that these settings have been automatically defined as per the existing application settings against all groups - i.e nothing will have changed in terms of who can apply for existing groups.
Any questions or problems, please get in contact.
 Posted by Wacktopia on 24th Sept 2014