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Oct, 3rd 2014 - Overheat! Hardware Upgrade!
I'm really excited to announce that Fleet-Up is getting a hardware upgrade!
Fleet-Up launched over two years ago. Since then many thousands of users have registered and use the site. It's a lot more users than I first expected. In response to positive feedback and site usage I have been motivated to create new features and polish existing ones.
The services supporting Fleet-Up, however, have remained unchanged. The time has now come to look at upgrading the hardware that keeps Fleet-Up running.
I'm really pleased that so many people have registered and use the service but the result is of course that the original cloud-hosting services are starting to groan. If you're a regular user you may have experienced some issues recently due to the ongoing server load. But that's all about to change!
The service will continue to be cloud-hosted but on a more powerful service platform. In fact, it's getting quite a lot better.
Over the next few days I will be putting the performance improvements live and migrating various parts of Fleet-Up to the more powerful platform. This should happen seemlessly but there may be occasions when a 'maintenance' sign is thrown up for a short period of time whilst various buttons are pushed and levers pulled.
Please bear with whilst the upgrades are taking place. I'll post any significant updates on Twitter.
More Features Incoming!
The really great news about all this is that there are some features I have been waiting for better hardware to deploy. One of the main things is that I would like to push out a more complete API. I've also been looking at a certification feature since the start of version 2 and there are some other goodies I have in the making.
As always, if you have any questions or see any problems please get in contact.
 Posted by Wacktopia on 3rd Oct 2014