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Oct, 16th 2014 - SNAFU
Long story short; I trashed all the Fleet-Up data, all backups and all snapshots in one act of idle stupidity.
How did I manage that?!
The final part of the recent hardware upgrades for Fleet-Up was to cancel the old hosting virtual hardware. In a moment's lack of concentration I cancelled the new instead of the old. It was a mistake as gloriously stupid as it was simple.
I put the final steps of clearing out the data through and set what I thought was the old services to drop. Some hours later ater my monitors for Fleet-Up kicked off and I went to check what was going on. It was only then that I saw to my surpise the old server still in place and the new server gone.
In that moment I realised that everything I worked towards over the past two years had just been thrown away in a moment of stupidity [edit: the data, not the source code]. I am Jack's raging bile duct.[1]
I have a regular automated backups and snapshots of Fleet-Up but in cancelling the new services I also trashed all the on-going backups. I had essentially deleted all data and backup snap-shots. Clever me.
I'm typically a careful person when it comes to taking backups and migrating servers and stuff like that but something about the satisfaction of a job (nearly) complete made me switch off and get blind-sided. Problem with personal pet-projects sometimes is that you treat them too much like a pet - or something.
What next?
Good question. Part of me feels like calling it a day and leaving on a high but I've had enough people ask me about if the site is coming back to put it back up. You will need to re-register and create a group again but essentially Fleet-Up is returned to a virginal state.
If you had credited a group previously and have created a new one please drop a mail from the character that made original deposit for the old group to Nnaem Kvorr in game and I will re-credit your new group.
Before all this crap I was about to release a whole new update to the groups system, a cool new fleet-planner tool and a full API. That's still coming. Fleet-Up will continue.
So, onward. Let's see if this baby flies again.
Re-register Here!
 Posted by Wacktopia on 16th Oct 2014