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Nov, 28th 2014 - Onwards! New Features Incoming!
So, Fleet-Up's monthly users are higher than ever, EVE Online is the best MMO in the world right now, and I'm pumped up to create some more features. Hooah!
Fleet Planner Tool
One of the things that's always felt a bit blind to me about small-medium gang warfare in particular is the form-up procedure. Typically the FC will dictate a doctrine or concept and then discuss the various options players have available in order to put a fleet together. Sometimes this process can take longer than expected and may go around in circles or need to be started over if the doctrine requirements change.
I wanted to create something that helped make this process more visual and tie in with fittings and doctrines already stored on Fleet-Up. So, I have created a tool called the "Fleet Planner Tool" (aka "FC Menu"). It will allow the FC to start with a doctrine and combine it with the list of characters currently in fleet to form a matrix of options.
The tool will include a link to distribute to fleet members, allowing them to check the ships they have available or supply custom 'ringer' options. The FC will then be able to discuss and visually plan the fleet based upon something in front of them.
The fleet menu system is nearly complete and coming in Fleet-Up v1.2.11 very soon.
Bulk Data Export
I've been asked a few times about the ability to export all fittings from Fleet-Up. I'm going to take this one step further and add the ability for group owners/managers to request a full data-dump for an entire group.
The data-dump will contain a list of fittings, doctrines, members, etc and will probably take the form of a zipped collection of XML documents.
Expect this to some in version 1.2.12.
Fleet-Up API
I've been chipping away at a more comprehensive API for Fleet-Up for some time now. I'd like third party developers to be able to integrate with Fleet-Up for their own purposes. The API could be used to integrate a private corporation site, a mobile app, or communication broadcast system.
I've created an application framework that allows for permissions to be tweaked according to use - so applications can request permissions matching requirements rather than an all-or-nothing approach.
To begin with the API will be able to perform simple get, put, list, delete operations on some common areas such as fittings and doctrines.
The API is about 60% complete and most likely to be shipped in Fleet-Up version 1.2.13.
Other changes
There's a bunch of smaller stuff being worked on as well but I'll announce this as it's about to be released. Some of the ideas are;
  • Improvements to opperation organiser and attendee options
  • Alternative configs for capitals etc
  • Ship replacement policies

As always, please let me know your comments and ideas. Fly safe!
 Posted by Wacktopia on 28th Nov 2014