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March, 26th 2015 - Cap Stable Podcast Interview
Couple of weeks ago I was asked by Lanctharus Onzo of Cap Stable podcast if I would liketo come on the show for an interview. As a regular listener I jumped at the opportunity.
During the interview we discuss the features of Fleet-Up, how it works, and some future developments and hint at an up-coming slack integration. To listen to the episode click here.
One small disclaimer; it was about 4am in the morning for me during the interview. If I sound a little spaced out this is probably why.
  • Cap Stable Episode 64: All’s Sov that Ends Well
I'd like to extend a big thanks to Lanctharus Onzo and eveyone on the Cap Stable podcast team for having me on the show - thanks guys!
 Posted by Wacktopia on 26th March 2015