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May, 13th 2015 - So yeah, we integrated with Slack
If you have not heard of or used Slack you have most likely been under a rock for the past year or so. Slack has come from nothing to be a very major player in business and personal communications in just about a year, which is somewhat impressive. It seems that many EVE online groups seem to use Slack and it's quickly replacing the likes of forums, Jabber, and Lync.
We use Slack heavily in our alliance and soon after I released the Fleet-Up API one of our directors and fellow software developer N'Hoj Greb came up with the idea of integrating Fleet-Up with Slack to remind people about timers and fleet op's. Full credit goes to him for this excellent idea - it works really well. It's such a good idea in fact that I wanted to include a native Fleet-Up ability to post notifications to Slack. So, as of today it is now possible to configure your Fleet-Up groups to post reminders and alerts to Slack.
How to set it up
To enable the Slack integration you will need to be a Group Manager or Creator of your Fleet-Up group and also have a Slack 'bot' API key token. Once you have these things you simply 'edit' your Fleet-Up group, click the 'Slack Integration' tab, enter your API token and choose the notification options that work for you.
Fleet-Up can notify you through Slack for operations that are created, cancelled, or about to start - the same is true of timers and tracked fleets. You can also get notifications for changes to fittings, doctrines, and certificates. Comments posted and new group members joining can be echoed into Slack and finally shopping lists that are made public to a group for freighting can be pinged through.
This is the first, minimum viable feature, for an integration of this type on Fleet-Up so I am testing the waters for future imrpovements and potentially the ability to perform notifications to other systems or more customisation.
Please let me know what you think of this new development in the normal ways.
 Posted by Wacktopia on 13th May 2015