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Nov, 17th 2015 - Fleet-Up Version 1.3
Fleet-Up version 1.3 has been deployed. There are several new features in place that will be built on in future.
For a full list of changes please check the change log.
Client Fittings Integration (CREST)
Fittings can now be imported and synchronised with the EVE Online client direclty using the CREST api. Fittings can be imported from EVE to Fleet-Up under the 'Add' dialog by selecting the 'In-Game Fittings' tab. Fittings can also by exported and synchronised to EVE by clicking the 'Sync to Game' button under any fitting.
Before fittings can be imported or exported you must first authorise Fleet-Up to be able to access your fittings when prompted under the relevant sections. Once a fitting has been exported from Fleet-Up to EVE it will automatically stay updated with any changes so long as you maintain your authorisation for Fleet-Up to update your fittings in-game.
Fitting History and Compare
Whenever a fitting is updated a history record will now be written against it. The history is visible under the 'History' tab - if you cannot see the tab there is no history to see yet. The history tab will list all the times the fitting has been updated and which user made the change.
In addition to being able to see the history of changes to a ftting, you can also compare each of the history points to the previous version or the current version. This allows users to quickly see what has changed on a particular fitting over time.
The fitting comparison options are also available under the 'Similar' tab under a fitting. This allows users to compare similar fittings quickly. Finally, a user can compare an EFT/Pyfa fitting from their clipboard by clicking the 'Compare' button against a fitting.
Improved Slack Integration
The Slack integration has been improved to allow a different channel to be selected for each type of broadcast message. Whilst the Slack integration is generally liked, much of the common feedback was that it would be nice to post messages to different channels. By default all messages will be sent to the main channel setting, however, this can be overridden per message type under the 'Group' settings. Click 'Edit' next to your group and then the 'Slack' tab to change the settings.
User Play Time Setting
Users can now specify which times of the day they generally play to help group managers plan and organise operations and doctrine viability. To update your play time settings visit the Account menu. Once a user has updated their play time settings an indication of their time zone is displayed against both the group members list as well as on reports such as the doctrine pilot report.
This feature is still in development and I plan to add more outputs of this information in future. Please get in contact to feed back on this feature or others.
Fleet-Up API New Methods
Some new methods and improvements have been made to the Fleet-Up API. It is now possible to post, update and delete operations and timers through the API. Furthermore, it is now possible to return all fitting items data as part of the /DoctrineFittings endpoint. Finally, most dates are now returned in a more human-readable yyyy-MM-dd date format under parameters suffixed with 'String'.
To learn more about the Fleet-Up API visit the API portal.
Please get in contact regarding any of these or other Fleet-Up features, ideas, or issues. To view a full list of changes for all versions please visit the change log.
Fly safe, Wacktopia.
 Posted by Wacktopia on 17th November 2015