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April, 27th 2016 - Bring on the Wrecking Machine!
EVE online has been updated to the Citadel release. In line with this, Fleet-Up has been updated with the latest information from CCP. The the latest EVE release includes some new and renamed items, so please make sure you are using up-to-date named items when importing data -- the latest version of EFT / Pyfa should have the correct names.
The most relevant changes to Fleet-Up are the new Force Auxiliary ships, 50,000MN MWD's, new doomsdays etc. Please note that as part of the update to Fleet-Up all existing fittings have been automatically updated to use the new module names.
Please read the full patch notes for further details of changes.
Citadel Station Fittings
It's worth noting that Fleet-Up now supports storage of citadel station fittings - just paste them into the import fittings area and you're good to go!
Questions or Problems?
If you have any questions or see any problems please get in contact.
 Posted by Wacktopia on 27th April 2016