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October, 30th 2016 - Version 1.3.2
Small but not insignificant update to Fleet-Up; version 1.3.2 has been deployed. The new version brings support for citadels natively for timers and operations plus a long-awaited feature to view shopping lists you have worked on and completed.
For a list of changes and fixes please take a look at the change log.
For those of you familiar with the news and updates for Fleet-Up, it will not have escaped your attention that there's been a bit of a drought in the last few months. In fact I've rarely even logged into game more than a few times across 2016. The truth of it is my working and peronal lives have filled up to the point where spending time playing EVE online and developing Fleet-Up has become somewhat of a distant fantasy.
That said, recently I've been feeling the gap left by not playing EVE - or, more specifcally, not being involved in the EVE community - so I've found the time and motivation to enjoy playing the game and spending some time on Fleet-Up. And version 1.3.2 is the result - along with some comedy loss mails and weekly casual searches for flights to Iceland next April.
There's a couple of things I'd really like to put into Fleet-Up in future if I can carve out the time. Firstly, I'd like to do a bit of an overhaul on the top level site layout to provide a more responsive layout and make more use of the space available on more browser windows. Secondly, there's a gaping maw left in some of the features since the in-game browser was removed - the fleet tracker and purchase links no longer work - and I'd really, really like to make those work again through the CREST system.
So there we have it - out of the dust I have crawled back into the universe of EVE-online once more.
 Posted by Wacktopia on 30th October 2016