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April, 17th 2018 - The Future of Fleet-Up
Many people have been contacting me recently regarding Fleet-Up and more specifically about two subjects. Firstly, the impending XML API switch off, which Fleet-Up is built on, and secondly updating the database to include the latest ships and modules.
EVE Online and Fleet-UP development used to be full-on pasttimes for me but over the past 18 months my time and energy for both has dropped to almost nothing. I wish I could spend more time doing both (and may well again) but for now I'm a lurker in EVE at best. That said, this old dog aint dead yet, and Fleet-Up will continue...
ESI Support When?
It's no secret that for Fleet-Up to continue to work the entire service will need to move off the existing XML API and over to the new and shiney ESI API. CCP will be switching off the old XML API on the 8th May this year, which is basically in a few weeks time.
The good news is that ESI builds on the existing SSO functionality, which Fleet-Up already uses in a few places. So, I'm setting to work to implementthe new calls for skill and character data using ESI instead of XML. My aim is to get this all live for the end of April, in the next couple of weeks.
What does this mean for users?
All existing users and data will remain as-is, however, in order to add and track EVE characters all users will need to register new ESI keys through the system. Naturally this will require manual intervention from every active user so I'm working to make this process as simple and painless as possible.
Otherwise, Fleet-Up will continue as-is. It's certainly not going anyware and you may even see me in game again one day soon!
Database Update
I'm also concious that the Fleet-Up EVE database is out of date. Over the years it has become more complicated for me to update this because of the move away from SQL Server to XAML and SQLLite base data - essentially I have to convert and import the data which is a pain. That said, I'll be updating the database to the latest version either before or as part of the update for ESI support.
 Posted by Wacktopia on 17th April 2018